Fourth of July Safety Tips

What’s not to love about the Fourth of July? Family, friends, outdoor grilling, and a day spent lounging in the sun—it’s no wonder we look forward to it all year round. But what is fun for us may pose a potential danger for our pet. Whether something may harm your pet physically or just cause him anxiety, it’s important to know just what to do to keep your furry friend safe and happy.

Luckily, the ASPCA has put together this handy list of Fourth of July safety tips for you to follow.

  • Never leave alcoholic drinks unattended where pets can reach them. Alcoholic beverages have the potential to poison pets. If ingested, the animal could become very intoxicated and weak, severely depressed or could go into a coma. Death from respiratory failure is also a possibility in severe cases.
  • Do not apply any sunscreen or insect repellent product to your pet that is not labeled specifically for use on animals. Ingestion of sunscreen products can result in drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, excessive thirst and lethargy. The misuse of insect repellent that contains DEET can lead to neurological problems.
  • Always keep matches and lighter fluid out of your pets’ reach. Certain types of matches contain chlorates, which could potentially damage blood cells and result in difficulty breathing—or even kidney disease in severe cases. Lighter fluid can be irritating to skin, and if ingested can produce gastrointestinal irritation and central nervous system depression. If lighter fluid is inhaled, aspiration pneumonia and breathing problems could develop.
  • Keep your pets on their normal diet. Any change, even for one meal, can give your pets severe indigestion and diarrhea. This is particularly true for older animals who have more delicate digestive systems and nutritional requirements. And keep in mind that foods such as onions, chocolate, coffee, avocado, grapes & raisins, salt and yeast dough can all be potentially toxic to companion animals.
  • Do not put glow jewelry on your pets, or allow them to play with it. While the luminescent substance contained in these products is not highly toxic, excessive drooling and gastrointestinal irritation could still result from ingestions, and intestinal blockage could occur from swallowing large pieces of the plastic containers.
  • Keep citronella candles, insect coils and oil products out of reach. Ingestions can produce stomach irritation and possibly even central nervous system depression. If inhaled, the oils could cause aspiration pneumonia in pets.
  • Never use fireworks around pets! While exposure to lit fireworks can potentially result in severe burns and/or trauma to the face and paws of curious pets, even unused fireworks can pose a danger. Many types contain potentially toxic substances, including potassium nitrate, arsenic and other heavy metals.
  • Loud, crowded fireworks displays are no fun for pets, so please resist the urge to take them to Independence Day festivities. Instead, keep your little guys safe from the noise in a quiet, sheltered and escape-proof area at home.

Written by Tails Magazine


Colorado Fires ~ Pawsitively Elegant Donating 20%

Due to the unfortunately number of fires in Colorado, Pawsitively Elegant is donating 20% of each order when the code “FIREDONATION” is entered through the web site at


“Colorado’s animal welfare community is scrambling to help pets affected by wildfires raging across parts of the state.

In the Colorado Springs area, where the Waldo Canyon Fire is spreading quickly, the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region set up temporary shelter for animals displaced by the blaze and, according to Reuters, has taken in more than 250catsdogs and other animals in recent days.

In the Fort Collins area, where the High Park fire is now partially contained, the Larimer Humane Society said it is coordinating the rescue of animals, providing owner-requested food and water to pets not evacuated, reuniting owners with lost animals, and providing temporary shelter for evacuated pets.

The Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Fort Collins is serving as an overflow shelter for the Larimer Humane Society. The hospital has sheltered as many as 109 small animals, though that number is now down to about 40, university spokeswoman Emily Wilmsen told June 27. Colorado State veterinarians and vet students have also helped care for hundreds of horses, donkeys, sheep and other animals at a Larimer County facility east of Fort Collins.

The Colorado fires have forced tens of thousands of people and their animals to leave their homes.” ~ The Examiner

Leaving Pets in a Hot Car Can Be Deadly

During the summer people love to take their pets on errands with them, and I am no exception, however people need to take into account the temperature outside and leave them at home when it’s hot.  Even a quick stop into the store can cause death to your dog.  Below is some important information that can save your pets life.

“On an 80 degree day, the temperature in a car can rise to 120 degrees in just 10 minutes. Parking in the shade and leaving the windows open does not help nor does it change the fact that a dog’s body cannot tolerate extreme heat. They do not sweat like people do ~ dogs pant and sweat through the nose and the pads on their feet. If a dog’s temperature reaches 106 degrees the damage it suffers internally may be irreversible. Dogs with short noses (Pugs, Bulldogs), those that are overweight, very young or very old, long haired or dark in color are at greater risk.

Signs of heat stroke include heavy panting, dark red gums, thick saliva, dry mucus membranes, dizziness or disorientation, inability to stand, collapse and/or loss of consciouness. A heat stroke in dogs can develop into a potentially deadly situation in as little as 20 minutes ~ if your dog shows any of these signs it requires immediate medical attention. 

You can help cool your overheated dog on the way to the vet by placing cool (not cold), wet towels on its body ~ particularly around the head, stomach, and foot pads. Cold water will constrict the blood vessels and can cause further overheating. Offer your dog water to drink, but do not force it into your dog’s mouth. ~ The Examiner”

If you see a pet in distress inside a vehicle, call 911 for help.

PrideFest Denver 2012 ~ Visit Pawsitively Elegant in Booth L23

Come visit our booth this weekend to get sales on your pampered pet decor for your four legged kids.  We will be located off 14th and Broadway in L23 just down from the Country stage.  The event is so much fun for both the straight as well as the gay communities.  There is so much to see and do!

Produced by the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center of Colorado (The Center), Denver PrideFest is now the third largest pride festival, and seventh largest pride parade in the United States.

Denver PrideFest will be June 15th and 16th in downtown Civic Center Park. PrideFest features the CoorsLight PrideFest Parade, a Dance Stage with DJs, a Country Stage with line-dancing lessons, a Latin Stage with cultural programming, and the Main Stage with live entertainment, and plenty of celebrating both days.

The festival also features more than 250 vendor booths with arts, crafts, food and more. We provide a VIP area with food and drinks for sponsors and contributors to enjoy, and there’s also a family area, youth alley, and a transgender resource area. ~ The Center

You can also get an app for your iphone for this event which will show you maps, entertainment schedules, allows you to rate the floats and get the parade lineup, or search vendors by name or category.  Search “Denver Pride” in the App store today to download your indispensible resource for all the entertainment you can handle this year!  Search “Denver Pride” in the App store today to download your indispensible resource for all the entertainment you can handle this year!

Designer Pet Beds Help Feng Shui in Rooms

In May, Pawsitively Elegant was proud to introduce our new line of Designer Pet Beds.  It’s important that our products are not only functional but a piece of furniture that is both stylish and beautiful.  Our line was made to blend in with our clients furniture rather than being an eye soar in the corner.  Our clients can be proud of their purchase knowing that it was customized to their interests and decor.  In feng shui it’s important to have  a continual flow in the room.   The key to designing a relaxing space is to reduce the unnecessary clutter filling the room. The ‘qi’ or energy will become stagnant due to excess clutter rather than flowing freely throughout the room. This stagnation will ultimately have a negative effect on whomever spends time in that room.  Together with a beautiful and comfortable bed for your pampered pooch, the feng shui in the room can more easily be achieved.

“Techniques such as changing the color of a room, rearranging the placement of furniture and adding a few specific elements for decoration can create powerful effects not only on your mood, but also different areas of your life such as love, health and money. However each individual room must be analyzed separately and different colors, placement and decorative objects are used specific to that room.”  Feng Shui Room Design

Our pet beds come in small, medium, large and extra large and can be purchased at Etsy

Elevated Dog Bowls Help Prevent Bloat

Elevated Dog BowlUsing an elevated dog bowl reduces the air your dog ingests while eating and drinking.  This in turn helps avoid stomach bloat which is the second leading cause of death in dogs.

“In bloat (dilatation), due to a number of different and sometimes unknown reasons, the stomach fills up with air and puts pressure on the other organs and diaphragm. The pressure on the diaphragm makes it difficult for the dog to breathe. The air-filled stomach also compresses large veins in the abdomen, thus preventing blood from returning to the heart. Filled with air, the stomach can easily rotate on itself, thus pinching off its blood supply. Once this rotation (volvulus) occurs and the blood supply is cut off, the stomach begins to die and the entire blood supply is disrupted and the animal’s condition begins to deteriorate very rapidly. ”

Secondly, it allows our dogs to eat at a more natural level which reduces the strain on the neck, back muscles, and joints.  The height from these feeders allows a dog to stand more naturally, eliminating the need for dogs to crouch down.  This is especially beneficial for larger dogs, seniors or dog with arthritis.

Elevated Dog BowlsLastly, an elevated dog bowl will keep their eating area cleaner.  At Pawsitively Elegant ( you can purchase a custom made feeder in your choice of height, color, dog embellishments, number of bowls, etc.  They are not only beautiful and enhance your home, but they are also healthier for your dog.  Whether you have show dogs, are a celebrity that lavishes your pets, or someone who has a rescue dog … these elevated dog bowls would be a great addition to your home.

Since our items are one-of-a-kind we always invite custom orders.  For your convenience we take Visa, Mastercard and Discover as well as PayPal.

Pet Friendly Getaways

More than 75 percent of Americans would take their pet on every vacation — if only they could — a recent survey by the American Automobile Association and Best Western International found. Not only that, almost 30 percent of traveling pet-owners said they would choose their pets over their significant others as a traveling companion — if only they could.

But more than half of those traveling pet-owners said it was difficult to find pet-friendly accommodations. And since almost 75 percent of pet-inclusive vacations involve visiting friends or family, there’s often more at stake than just fun getaways.

Although it’s fashionable for establishments to bill themselves as “pet-friendly,” some are more pet-friendly than others. For instance, some will not accept felines, or dogs over a certain weight. Some establishments limit how many pets can be lodged in a room, or charge additional fees for or deposits for accommodating pets.

Some hotels don’t allow pets on the beds, and provide pet beds instead. Some hotels don’t permit guests to leave pets unattended; some do for short periods; and some even provide a pet-sitting service.

Though pet policies can be found on hotel or pet travel web sites, the information can be incomplete or outdated. Hotels may alter their pet policies from one month to the next, so make sure their pet-friendly policy is still in place before toting the pet along.

Here are some of our favorite pet-friendly destinations if you’re planning a trip this month: