Colorado Fires ~ Pawsitively Elegant Donating 20%

Due to the unfortunately number of fires in Colorado, Pawsitively Elegant is donating 20% of each order when the code “FIREDONATION” is entered through the web site at


“Colorado’s animal welfare community is scrambling to help pets affected by wildfires raging across parts of the state.

In the Colorado Springs area, where the Waldo Canyon Fire is spreading quickly, the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region set up temporary shelter for animals displaced by the blaze and, according to Reuters, has taken in more than 250catsdogs and other animals in recent days.

In the Fort Collins area, where the High Park fire is now partially contained, the Larimer Humane Society said it is coordinating the rescue of animals, providing owner-requested food and water to pets not evacuated, reuniting owners with lost animals, and providing temporary shelter for evacuated pets.

The Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Fort Collins is serving as an overflow shelter for the Larimer Humane Society. The hospital has sheltered as many as 109 small animals, though that number is now down to about 40, university spokeswoman Emily Wilmsen told June 27. Colorado State veterinarians and vet students have also helped care for hundreds of horses, donkeys, sheep and other animals at a Larimer County facility east of Fort Collins.

The Colorado fires have forced tens of thousands of people and their animals to leave their homes.” ~ The Examiner


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